Sep 4, 2012

Back in the Air

In the past 35 weeks and 6 days a fuckload has happened.

I am going to be a dad.

I met the most gorgeous, amazing woman and fell in love. She is the best thing that happened to me and her and her son are perfect. At this date she is 11 weeks in and battling the joys of pregnancy the entire way. I feel sorry for the poor girl really. Stuck with me and pregnant (all day sickness and mood swings and all the other fun stuff).

The other big thing is that I am currently engaged in full time study to finish my Diploma of Aviation (Multi Engine Instrument Operations)!

As such, this has brought forth its own trials. My partner is pregnant and dealing with it on her own as I am stuck here in regional Victoria. I am certainly not in the financial situation for it and I have missed most of the first Trimester. Not an easy situation.

However, I am excited. Exceptionally so. I cannot believe that I am going to be a dad and a qualified pilot all within a couple months of each other!!

My first Nav was last friday. I was rusty. No doubts about it. Work cycle was off, paperwork wasn't quite filled out properly in flight and I was no longer at home in the aircraft. I was out of sorts and checklists weren't done correctly. I wasn't even fit for a PPL, let alone a commercial candidate.

I was better today. I would call it a PPL standard. I was ahead of the aircraft, I was completing my checks as required and following my work flow patterns. I wasn't lost and I was handling my trip into Moorabbin and out again well. as well as transiting Avalon. Little rusty with some radio calls still and there is obviously some work to do but it was a lot better. I am making progress and that is the main thing.

The videos and cockpit audio recordings are still taking time to get organised. The school doesnt seem to like the fact that I want to record everything said and done in the air. Been told that the CVR requires an engineering check and certificate, even though it is just a splitter jack which I have tested. Some bullshit about a reverse signal that interferes with the headsets. He just doesn't want what he says caught on tape. It will happen and it will be awesome for my training though. Being able to review and evaluate my mistakes out of the moment will ensure I will progress in my training.

This is only a short entry but it will be the first of many as I document my journey to my commercial and MECIR.

May the air be smooth beneath your wings.