Sep 21, 2011

Summer of Gaming!

Just a quick note about the beginning of the summer of Gaming 2011.

I try and pick up the special editions where I can. Steadily building up a catalogue for my games room/man cave. I had one in the last place I was living and it was heaven. Every man needs a man cave when living with his partner. It gives you space to just be you - your style, your way and its physically definable. Believe me it needs to be a room otherwise everything just encroaches into it (and even then it can be hard to keep it as man space).

Other big titles that I want to get my hands on are Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and Halo Anniversary. The two former I want the collectors editions of and Halo just because I love the original. If it comes with a collectors edition Ill be all over it. I just love all the stuff you get.

Like the Legendary Halo:Reach . It would have to be the best to date, as far as collectors editions go. In game items, the statue and Dr Halsey's book in that large carry case were just brilliant. It all was put in context of the game too. It wasn't just a collectors edition - you were sent the package from an ONI storage facility to study and catalogue the contents (or something like that). It was awesome.

I have heard that Skyrim comes with a large cloth map of the region, artwork and a large statue of a dragon. But its not coming to Australia. Fuck you Bethesda you giant assholes.

Infinity Ward decided against anything special for MW3 like the night vision goggles that came with MW2. Instead, Activision is pushing their COD Elite network down consumers throats. Deeply disappointed that they have decided to follow this path. Quite frankly I think Elite is a load of crap that they are pursuing just to eke out the last dollar from the franchise which has already made them millions.

My hope holds out for Diablo 3 and Mass Effect 3 coming out with something awesome. I do love my collectibles. So much so, that since dragging home my Lancer the other night, I found out EB Games online had Gears 3 Epic editions still. So I have ditched the game I had on order, kept the Lancer and ordered the Epic edition from EB! The Marcus statue, all of his fathers medals and story material as well as the game... But I have to wait for shipping.

The site said shipping on release day, so I figured I will get it by Friday at least. On Tuesday, I receive an email saying that it wont ship till Thursday at best! Seriously pissed off! I was hoping to smash it out this weekend with a mate but oh well. It isnt going anywhere and I just have to avoid all reviews and spoilers.

Not that it needs to be said but...

P.S. There is also this piece of Awesomesauce. Its not a collectors edition but it is still sweet. Its Cole Train in his Thrashball kit.

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