Dec 9, 2010

The Cataclysm!

So a rather well times bout of stomach illness has allowed more time to play Cataclysm that originally anticipated. However any thoughts of getting ahead of the pack on the first night were destroyed when I had log in issues. Then I had loading screen issues. Then I made a worgen.

90 mins later I FINALLY get onto my hunter and start my prep (which I should have done a week before it was released). That took me an hour to go train everything and get the starting quests. Long story short- I made it to halfway through 81 by 2am Australian Eastern Standard Time. Which killed any chance of me staying ahead of the levelling pack.

I kept on with Vash'jir which I thought was less crowded if rediculous. Disengage DOES NOT WORK UNDERWATER!!! Because it shoots you back and allows you to land on the first surface you touch, underwater poses a problem since you can "stand" on any surface. So you get thrown back about 10 feet and then have to run. But wait, there's more! You cannot JUMP SHOT either! Which is horrible for juggling multiple mobs. MD a couple to pet, trap one, kite another two... oh wait... I'm just having a couple mobs munch on me for the moment because I can't jump shot underwater.

I perservered though. It just seems like a VERY inefficient levelling area. All of my guildies who went to Hyjal are now well ahead of me. Oh, and Vash'jir is also broken. I spend all that time and effort sticking to it to get the achieves in the area and then one of the major quest lines are broken. The quest [Ascend No More!] where you have to break a bunch of conduits in some giant shell monster thing is just flat broken. The conduits do not respawn. Ever.

So now I have given up and moved onto Deepholm, 90% to 83 and well behind the pack.

So much for getting the most out of the expansion.

P.S. Worgen starting area is fun, but not nearly as exciting as the goblins

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