Dec 4, 2010

Old Saves

You see I started this blog with full intention of trying to keep it regularly updated. I love my blogs made by gamers. People like me make me feel warm and fuzzy. But now after (?) months of just sitting here on the internet gathering dust I have thought about coming back to it.

Here is the problem: This is just like coming back to a 6 month old save game from Ninja Gaiden 2 or Final Fantasy. You can't remember where you are, how it works or where you were going with it. So now I have to start from the beginning again, learn all the moves, figure out what the story is and where I am going to go with it.


This is why Ninja Gaiden 2 is still sitting on my shelf very near the bottom of the pile and why I only managed to put about an hour into Final Fantasy XIII last week.

Speaking of video games, I am really excited about this time of year usually. The excitement that E3 brings every year has worn off and replaced with a new euphoria. OMFG I CAN ACTUALLY HAS TEH SEXEH GAME!!!! (I think my IQ just dropped by half by writing something that would come out of some stupid fanboy's mouth.)

This is usually the time of year I do not have enough time to see friends, spend time with family or give a shit about anything in general because of the amount of time I spend playing the 3 or 4 big releases that come out in the months leading up to xmas. Notably was the year Halo 3, Assassins Creed and Mass Effect came out. Holy crap my family were ready to disown me.

This year though? I only have plans for buying Cataclysm. Which I hardly have time to play anyway due to work and the real world life. The shattering of Azeroth has been written about so many times by so many different bloggers that I won't even touch it. Go read elsewhere about it. But it is still exciting to see the 1-60 world fucked up. And ALIVE again. Remember levelling a toon during Wrath or BC? How you could spend forever questing in that massive world without bumping into a single person outside of a capital city? Yeah... those days. I levelled a DK after that. Which looks really bad for me as a wow player. I have two 80's- a hunter and a DK. /wrists

I hate levelling though- it is the WORST part of WoW. I tried to level a druid. Its languished at 45 for the past 6 months. Even with the constant stream of dungeon runs it still just gets repetitive. Queue, heal tank, tell tank how to tank, tell facerolling hunter to take pet off aggressive, take off growl and stop dpsing BEFORE the monster starts running at you. Oh and Feign death is the bane of every healer. Yeah I roll as a healer because it means an instant queue. But most of the time the groups are that terribad, I am second to top on the threat meter. So hunter pulls aggro, runs around screaming at the tank to taunt, tank is having his face munched by a pack of mobs and cant figure out that you need to click the specific mob to taunt and it ends with the hunter popping FD and the mob running at me. FUCKING HUNTARDS. They give the rest of us a bad name.

Other dps are just as bad though. I hear "Fucking healer let me die" a fair bit these days. My response is "Dont pull aggro and you wont have the mob attacking you". Fair call right? Aparrently not. "L2P n00b" or various strings of explicit insults ranging from my sexuality to things they do to my mother come flying in my direction. (sigh). I just hope the new questing process in Cata is as good as they say.

I was hoping to get my hands onto some Black Ops goodness or some Force Unleashed 2 this Christmas season but alas, unless some kind soul takes pity on me and gives it to me for Xmas, I will miss out on them. I moved into a mates place closer to work, got a girlfriend and got back to flying. Killed video games. I miss the quiet solitude of my grandparents farm sometimes.

Flying is exciting at the moment. The RAAF finally got back to me and invited me to the last stage of the pilot selection process. In short I get to go fly little CT-4's with them for a couple weeks, sit an interview and then they either make me sign my soul to them for the next 12 years or they tell me "L2P n00b". Real life can strangely reflect the virtual one sometimes.

Hopefully I will get more into posting on this, though there are very few readers at this point. It may just be me checking back to see if it has any hits but I like to think someone likes hearing what I have to say. Till next time have fun!

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