May 25, 2010

High Priest Thekal Video!

So second video. This one actually has some content. Zul'Gurub High Priest Thekal. This was a pretty clean takedown. The healer in the first phase is really what will kill you. If she gets off a heal after one of the others dies you will not have the time to burn down the mob within 10 secs. My strat is to keep pet on one (usually boss) and then burn down the two Zealots myself. That way I can keep a good eye on their health. When they are all under 20% I burn the healer down to nothing and then swap to the other Zealot. The pet should have Thekal almost dead so no worries there. But getting the healer down first is the key!Second phase is just tank and spank. The charge does very little damage and doesnt knock you down for long.

Over all not a hard fight. The three mobs munching on your pet don't do a lot of damage so shouldn't be an issue. If you have low pet health go the turtle with its shell shield. And always keep mend pet up- because the silence can be lethal to a pet with low health!

Hope you enjoy this post.
Happy Hunting!

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