May 24, 2010

My Signature Dish

Everyone has their signature dish. The one you know off heart, you like the taste of and isnt a real pain in the ass to cook. Mine is Spaghetti Bolognaise. Its based off mum's recipe. Everything from scratch. No bought bolognaise sauce. And its awesome and flexible.

Ingredients (serves 3 decent portions)

500grams Minced Beef
2X 500gram cans of peeled tomatoes (chopped or crushed with or without herbs)
Note: you can use fresh tomatoes and it would most likely be nicer with fresh ones but for convenience's sake I used canned. It also has a nice amount of juice with it to keep it moist
1 medium sized brown onion (can be larger or smaller according to taste)
1 or 2 cloves of crushed/minced garlic
Tomato sauce/paste
Worcestershire Sauce
Herbs to taste

Cut up the onions and crush/mince the garlic. Throw it in a pot or deep pan and brown well. Next throw in the mince and brown it too. Chuck in the tomatoes and add tomato sauce/paste and worcestershire sauce to taste. Stir well and let cook for 5 mins on medium heat. Add pepper and herbs to taste. Let sit on medium to low heat for about 30 mins making sure to stir it so it does not catch on the bottom. Depending on how liquid you like your sauce take it off and serve immediately over pasta with parmesan or romano cheese and hot crusty caibatta garlic bread. Also tastes brilliant the day afterwards.

Its not a very precise recipe and thats the brilliance of it. If you like it really tomato-ey use more tomato paste. Like more herbs? Go for it! You can also add things to it to spice it up such as fresh minced chillies, some bacon (dont let it stew too long!) and mushrooms. Like I said it is really flexible. I use it to make a batch of pre cooked meals to freeze for when im too tired/lazy to be bothered cooking. Its handy as!

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