May 15, 2010

The Blog Begins

So I have thought about making a blog for a while now. There is two I read at the moment and they are seem pretty good. Daniel Howell (aka BigRedKitty) does a fantastic job of it- highly entertaining commentary about his life, his past and the odd bit of WoW goodness. The other one is Warcrafthuntersunion- all hunters, all the time. Much love for anything hunter related on the internets- cuz you know we are just the best class in the game. Which is why we are the second most hated and the second most played (both firsts belong to DKs now I think).

But it got me thinking that I could do my own blog. A bit about my huntering in WoW, a bit about my flying, a bit about life in general and of course any shenanigans I get up to (or even hear about) that may get a giggle. I dont expect a following of any sorts and I doubt ill keep at this for any more than a few weeks but I'll see how she goes.

First a bit about me. Im 22, male, Australian. I love flying, women, WoW, video games, driving way too fast and thirst quenching alcoholic beverages. I have had so many jobs since I was 15 that its almost too hard to keep count of them. I live in a shed behind my grandparents house out in the hills in Queensland- its awesome with its proper walls, bathroom, sink, tiny little oven/cooktop and old beaten up fridge. If it weren't behind my grandparents place, had a double bed in it and was closer to proper civilisation then I would call it the perfect 20 something's bach pad.

I always built aircraft/spacecraft with my lego and mechano set when I was young. I would spend endless hours playing epic aerial fights with them. I always thought that being a pilot was out of my reach by a long way. The $60,000+ for the training always seemed to be a huge hurdle. Air Force was a contemplation but not something I ever seriously considered until I was out of High School. But once I had my first joyflight in a Cessna 172, I was hooked. Can't get enough of it. I describe my passion for flying like an addiction to a drug. Ruinously expensive, runs my life, can't shake the cravings and ends up interfering with my day job. Sounds almost like a heroin addict right? Yeah. Thats what I feel about flying. I am almost finished my commercial pilot's license and have come a long way from when I started out. My other avenue I am pursuing is an application to the Royal Australian Air Force. But more on them in seperate posts.

World of Warcraft is something that a mate of mine and his (at the time) missus got me into in december 08. My initial impressions were " OMFG THIS PLACE IS CRAZY HUGE". I've been a long time RPG fan and WoW was the one that took my breath away. It was big, it had several races and classes instead of just a few, it was fun and it was ALIVE. The social interaction of the game is truly what keeps people playing it. As much as I loved Morrowind and Oblivion- I really haven't played them a lot since. And I'm pretty sure I never finished either of them. Fail eh? But WoW had me hooked. I rolled a hunter straight out. Best. Class. Ever. I took 6 months off it from Feb 09 till August due to moving interstate and other issues. Came back to it, got TKO to 80 and began a short but epic career as a hard core raider in an average guild. After a few months I had to throw it in due to workload for my commercial pilot's licence. Real life always comes first- too many people let it run their lives which gives the game its bad rep. Now that things have calmed down a bit I play again - but its not nearly to the level that I was at before. Just another random PUG hunter now. My loves are Extreme Soloing, hardcore raiding and a touch of pvp.

So that's a bit of a rough intro to both me and the blog. There will be some videos, links and stories posted up as time goes on.

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