Aug 31, 2011


I think I need a notepad for the random thoughts that pop into my head during the day. Seriously, when I am at work or out and about I think of all kinds of crap to write about on here. Once I get home and get (some) stuff squared away, I go blank.

So today I am just going to make some dot points of things that make me want to rant. I might come back to them at another time.

WoW takes up too much time to be able to be a casual player - I don't care what Blizz says.

Mainstream journalists know nothing about aviation. It makes me angry every time they push their poor research, lack of understanding and invalid opinions on the general populace, who take their word as law and become more afraid of flying or think pilots are whinging, whining, greedy jerks.

I listened to the Kyle and Jackie-O show on the way home from gym tonight (Australian radio show) and there was some poor woman, mother of a 12 yr old and a 10 yr old , whose deadshit husband came out and said he has been cheating on her for the past 18 months WITH A BUNCH OF MEN. What did listeners say? Majority came out with "its hard for him, be supportive if you love him" and other sentiments along those lines. Not one caller (that I heard or was allowed on the air) said anything about how WRONG it is that this guy was CHEATING on her! Imagine if he wasn't getting it on with a bunch of blokes in a sauna and instead was getting it on with a bunch of women in a sauna? I would guarantee at least 95% of people would call him a cheating, lying bastard and advise her to dump his ass. But because he is "going through a bi phase" its ok to cheat on the mother of your children with a bunch of dudes. So wrong.

Database analysis/management/input/ whatever the hell it is that I actually do at work is BORING. I swear my brain is going to get sick of it, detach itself and go find somewhere else to live at times.

Flying Tailwheel aircraft is WAY too much fun

I got tingles when I saw the trailer for Final Fantasy XIII: 2 (henceforth known as FFXIII2) yet the Halo 4 trailer left me nonplussed on account of them milking it for at least another two after that.

Girls are too much of a good distraction. They are so much worse than games when it comes to being addicted to them...

Money is the devil. Starting up another second job from tomorrow. At another bottle shop.

That is all for now.

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