Aug 13, 2011

So its Wednesday...

Its midweek and I am sitting at my desk listening to podcasts. I love podcasts. I mostly listen to flying, gaming or tech podcasts. It helps pass the time, keeps me sane and helps keep me up to date with what is happening in the world of Aviation.
I need more Aussie ones though. Plane Crazy Down Under is brilliant but since Steve and Grant have jobs and lives outside of podcasting, there are some weeks without any content!
Airplane Geeks and Uncontrolled Airspace help but not all of what they speak about is relevant to the Australian Aviator. But they are good to listen to because of their group dynamics and the stories about flying from another part of the world.
The other ones I listen to are This Week in Computer Hardware, All About Android, Hunting Party Podcast and the Rooster Teeth podcast The Drunk Tank.

This Week in Computer Hardware and All About Android are netcasts from America. Keeping up to date with what is happening with computer hardware and Android development is ESSENTIAL for me haha. I thrive on it.
Hunting Party Podcast is produced by Euripides from OutDPS!, Darkbrew from TheBrewHall and Frostheim from the WHU. It a nice weekly update on hunters in WoW, what blue posts effect us, theorycrafting, gear and random awesomeness that the class is capable of.
The Drunk Tank is a mish mash of just about anything that has happened in the world. They reckon its a gaming podcast but it is a lot more diverse than that. The cast changes often depending on who is available in the office. It is mostly just fun to listen to them.

Lately life has been work (with associated podcasts in my ears), gym when I can be bothered and gaming. I am actually getting right back into WoW. I am just about geared enough for Firelands Raid but I doubt I will get to raid it. The dailies are getting boring and repetitive and the hour it takes to run ZA/ZG with a PuG is painful.
I have been collecting rare pets though which is just really the Pokemon syndrome manifesting itself. Its fun when you get a few hits in a night but having to wait for days for a spawn sucks.
I tried PVP but found I sucked hardcore as both BM and SV so now I need to look at MM for it.
I am raiding BH and doing heroics as MM now and I am by far stripping the DPS i was putting out as SV or BM. It really is much easier to handle the MM rotation. I hated it at first when ICC released but soon came to love it. Readiness gives great burst potential! SV is just so freakin random, I have issues with focus. I either have too little to refresh black arrow or I get a lock and load proc which makes me have too much! And BM is fun with big red pet and the exotic pets (which I now have a few of) but Kill Command SUCKS. There is nothing worse than having to wait for my pet to reach the boss/mob before I can let off a KC. Even if I anticipate the tank pulling, its an inexact science. I love my rare exotic pets and my big red pet but it just is too much of a pain in the ass. I have found that I can plan my focus a lot more with MM because of Chimera Shot. With my latency, 10 sec is how long it takes me to cast 2 steady shot, an arcane, 2 steady shot and then have Chimera come off CD. So it works well. There is about a half second spare at times if I get the latency down but that just means that if Aimed Shot procs, I can get it away WITH an arcane and only push back Chimera a half second. 12k DPS in SV/BM has turned into 16-18k with MM in heroics. Im happy with it.

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